• O’neill Psychotech 5/4+ wetsuit (worth £300)

  • O’neill Hyperfreak 5/4+ wetsuit with hood (worth £280)

  • O’neill Chillkiller neoprene jacket (worth £140)

  • O’neill gloves, boots, hoods and impact vests

  • Clothing & accessories from Passenger clothing

  • Surprise prizes from Catch Surf

  • Open to adults and groms (kids aged 8 and above).

  • All abilities welcome - you don’t have to be the best to win prizes. Some top prizes will be awarded for Best Wipeout, Best Scorpion Nosedive, Worst Wave Caught and more.

  • In order to progress in the competition, you will need to compete on each type of equipment (longboard, shortboard, bodyboard and hand plane). Each will be provided by our sponsor Catch Surf.

  • To enter, please fill out the form below. We’ll then send you more details if you are shortlisted.

  • The comp will be hosted outside our Beach Shop at Boscombe Pier.

  • Holding period is 28th September to 13th October; the comp will take place on a weekend within these dates dependent on conditions.

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