THURSDAYS 5:45-6:46pm

Skip the boring gym! Paddle-boarding is a fun and relaxing activity to help you de-stress and get some exercise, which is why we’ve created this new PaddleFit class. Run by fully trained ISA qualified instructors, each session involves a guided group paddle to Bournemouth Pier and back.

-Burn up to 700 calories per session (more than running, cycling and surfing).

-Paddle-boarding is a low-impact activity, making it perfect for those with rehabilitating injuries, sensitive ligaments and joints, or who simply need a more gentle and comfortable way to exercise.

-PaddleFitness is naturally a full body workout. Although you’ll feel a huge difference in your core, you’ll also be using your back, arms, legs, shoulders and more.

-Rapidly improve your balance, cardiovascular health and endurance; paddle-boarding will allow you to substantially improve your cardio fitness, and you will feel the the difference as each session becomes easier and you can push yourself more.

-Being out on the water has limitless positive benefits for your mental health, and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as alleviating symptoms of depression.

-Running twice weekly, there will be an early morning session and an evening session. Mixed abilities are welcome, but we ask that absolute beginners have a lesson before booking onto PaddleFitness.

Sessions last approx. 1.5 hours depending on conditions and abilities.